My name is Olga Chuykova, and I am a contemporary botanical artist. All the work presented at the website is made by myself with local flowers from the nature.

When I see a single flower I see a world full of magic, beauty and mystery, and in my works I always try to uncover them all. I'm attracted to this combination of magic and delicate beauty in flowers. I enjoy watching the changes in this world: when hydrangeas change their colour, when leaves turn yellow or red, then dry up and new ones appear in their place afterwards. I feel each flower has its own temper. It's not by chance that for the recent ages people have been attributing to flowers the ability to express certain feelings. Thus was born The Language of Flowers. I love watercolor technique since I can blend endless combinations of colours with true sunlight seeping through the picture in unexpected ways. I strive for paintings containing my personal experience and able to transmit my passion to other people.



Olga Chuykova. Born in Volgograd, Russia. Lives and works in Berlin 

Member of American Society of Botanical Artists since 2016


2004 – 2009 Volgograd Municipal Institute of Arts, Bachelor of Graphic design. Professor: Viktor Permjakov

1994 – 2002 Volgograd School of Fine Arts

Professional experience:

2015 – now. Book publishing “Pepin Press”. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Illustrator for covers of coloring books www.pepinpress.com

13/06/2015 Kalacheva school. Moscow, Russia. Teacher for one-day workshop “Peonies”

08/05/2015 – 10/06/2015 Kalacheva school. Moscow, Russia. Teacher for one-month course “Botanical illustration”. Directed by Veronika Kalacheva

11/2014 Logo for wedding photographer Anna Kuznetsova www.kuznetsovaanna.com